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10th., May. 2019 The first Safety and Emergency products Expo in Yongkang City
2019-09-16 11:46:06

On the occasion of the 11th National disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day, Yongkang held the first Safety and Emergency Product Expo. Many enterprises, including military and civilian integration, power tools, materials, medicine, light industry, chemical industry and so on, appeared one after another to help the development of safety and emergency product industry and contribute to the safety cause. 

Qianxi Group was invited to participate in the exhibition, its subsidiaries Qianxi Long Fiber Special Fiber Co., Ltd., And Yongkang Longkui New Materials Co., Ltd., focused on a series of military and civil protection products, including bulletproof vests, bulletproof panels, bulletproof helmets, decks, anti-cutting clothing, cool clothes, cut-proof gloves, anti-cutting elbows and other fine products, with excellent product characteristics and performance, attracted the extensive attention and stop of exhibitors.

Zhejiang Qianxi Long Special Fiber Co., Ltd., specializing in ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber field, has Yongkang, Longyou two major production bases, in 2011 was listed as "Zhejiang Strategic emerging Industry 100 projects" new material industry key projects. Its products are widely used in defense quartermaster equipment, aerospace, medical devices, building materials and other fields, but also derived a series of civil products, such as anti-cutting gloves, anti-cutting elbows, cool clothes, ice sleeves, fish lines, cables and so on, compared with other materials of the same product, the use of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, not only water resistance, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, UV resistance, and excellent wear resistance. At the scene, in order to make the exhibitors feel the characteristics of the product more intuitively, the staff directly tested, wearing anti-cutting gloves, clenching knives, cutting back and forth forcefully, not only did not cut the gloves, but also cushioned the pain caused by sharp objects; and wearing a cool suit is simply a summer gospel, no matter what kind of temperature you are in, it can effectively reduce the body temperature and make the skin feel cool. After watching the staff demonstration, many exhibitors placed orders decisively on the spot.

Yongkang Long Kui New Material Co., Ltd., specializing in the manufacture of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber UD composite material, and its series of derivative products and protection, armor products, etc., is widely used in bullet-proof vehicles, armored vehicles, police patrol boats, police sentry box, and aircraft cockpit inner wall, Aircraft cabin protection, ship cockpit protection and other fields. The various bullet-proof clothes, the bullet-proof helmet and the bullet-proof plate on the scene are very attractive.

In addition, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, mayor Zhu Zhijie, member of the standing Committee of the municipal party committee, executive vice mayor Zhou Qibiao, deputy mayor Lu Qunyong, Li Haofeng, deputy director of the Standards Department of the Policy and Law Department of the State Emergency Management Department, Zhou Xuren, deputy chief engineer of the China Academy of Safety in production Science, Wang Chunlai, executive deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Emergency Management Office, and vice mayor of Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, Accompanied by his staff, he Shaoming, director of public security, and his party visited the exhibition hall of our company to understand the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, as well as the series of products derived from them and the properties of their products, and affirmed the achievements made by Qianxi Group in the development of civil-military integration industry.

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